Vacant Home Staging

For houses that are vacant while on the market, we provide all of the furnishings necessary to showcase the unique features of the home. We will provide a Home Staging Estimate at no cost upon an in-person walk-thru of the home. All homes are unique, pricing varies depending on location, size, and the amount of rooms staged. Feel Free to contact us for a staging estimate!

Express Staging

This service is for those clients who know exactly what they want or simply want 1-2 rooms staged! These packages are ready to be delivered to your home! Just pick and choose which rooms you want staged. We will have two movers deliver them to you on your preferred date. Easy, affordable & convenient!

Interior Decorating

Commerial Buildings - Personal Homes - Home Remodels - Airbnb - Businesses

Interior decorating projects are often recommend for those homes that feel incomplete. We work with the furniture you currently have, or help purchase new furniture in your budget. Our team members will help you with creating the best layout for each room, sofa placement, wall colors and whatever you might need. We charge to come out and see your home, create a list of things we recommend, go out purchase accessories, and decor that is needed. And with this you receive a huge discount purchasing furniture as well. You can contact us for our pricing!

Home Consultation

Home Consultations are great for clients who need advice on preparing their home for the market. We come out to your home, take photos and send over a list of things to re arrange, de-cluttered, clean, repaint etc.


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